Transport Facility : Buses Hired on contract basis
Details of Transport charges : 24
School transport is a privilege and not a right.
  • Those who wish to avail school transport facility will have to apply in the prescribed form and deposit transport fees.
  • Complete address of contact shall be provided to the transport in-charge. In case of any change in address, intimate the same to the transport in-charge in writing without any delay.
  • The school buses ply to the following important destinations. For which bus routes and stops are arranged according to convenience.
  • Fahaheel, Mangaf, Abu Halifa, Mahboula, Fintas, Riggae, Sabahiya.
  • The children proceeding on leave will have to pay transport fee for the period of leave.
  • Transport fee once paid will not be refunded.
  • If any student wants to discontinue the transport facility he/she has to give one month notice for the same.
  • Students must conduct themselves in a proper and disciplined manner in the school buses.
  • Students must obey the teachers travelling in the school bus and the bus monitors appointed by the school.
  • Bus monitors will ensure that small children and girls are seated first and the remaining seats are occupied by senior boys.
  • Any pupil who disfigures or causes damage to any part of the bus will be fined and may even lose the right to travel in the bus.
  • Any damage done to the bus will have to be made good by the concerned students.
  • Parents are requested not to enter the school buses.
  • Students should reach the boarding point a few minutes before the specified times. Buses will not wait for the students. Parents should avoid picking up a dispute with the driver or conductor of the bus. Such disputes work to the students disadvantages. They should instead complain to the transport manager.
  • Students using bus facility must be disciplined in the bus, failing which the bus facility will be discontinued.