IIS encourages mass participation of students in CCA / Sports activities. Co curricular and sports activities are conducted in school to build personality to provide sense of responsibility and capacity of leadership.
  • The students have been divided into four houses: Blue (Imperial), Green (Ideal), Red (Sparkle) & Yellow (Marvel). Activities and competitions are organized house wise to develop healthy spirit of competition among the students.
  • Different clubs are functional according to the interest of the students and to develop and polish their skills.
  • The clubs are public speaking, literary, science, Olympiad, calligraphy, music / dance, sports, art and Integrity.
  • School organizes picnics, excursions, exhibitions, educational tours for the students, to broaden their horizon, increase awareness, develop independence and team spirit and make them appreciate the beauty and magnificence of nature.
  • Mass P.T exercises / Aerobics are being conducted once in a week, for their physical fitness and to inculcate a sense of discipline in them.