The school has a well equipped medical facility with a qualified nurse.Health requirements are prescribed by the School Health Authorities. Periodical checkups and preventive inoculations are administered by the Ministry of Health, Kuwait.
  • Basic first aid and nursing facilities as prescribed by Ministry of Education are provided in the school. The School does not accept responsibility for direct medical treatment.
  • Parents shall not send their children to school if they are medically unfit or until an isolation period is over in the case of infectious diseases like Chicken Pox, Measles and Mumps.
  • The quarantine policy would be applicable against the following diseases.
    Chicken Pox: The child will not be allowed to come to school or travel in the school bus, for a period of fifteen (15) days from the date of eruption. In mild cases, the child may be allowed to get back to school after ten (10) days from the onset of the disease provided that all primary crusts(scabs) have disappeared and on production of a certificate from a Pediatrician.
    Seven (7) days from the date of eruption.
    Mumps: Seven (7) days from the date of infection or till the parotid swelling has subsided.
  • The school administration reserves the right to send a child back home if considered medically unfit with the request that he/she will not attend the school till medically fit.
  • A pupil who has recovered from an infectious disease may attend school, only after producing a certificate from a registered medical practitioner stating that he does not carry the risk of conveying it. The principal reserves the right of extending the pupil’s rejoining date after obtaining medical opinion.