I am happy to write this message addressed to my dear students of PACE GROUP.
The educational campuses in Gulf countries are generally peaceful when compared with their counterparts in many Asian countries. This enables a student to focus genuinely on their studies.
The world is changing very fast be it in economical, technological and or other major arenas. The introduction of Bitcoin, the Digital currency is quite revolutionary, getting measured support from many sources because of its independence to any central banking system. Yet it is not transparent enough to attract public support. Fossil fuel is destined to have lesser usage because of the advancement in alternative energy sources such as wind and solar power generation, battery driven vehicles etc.
We are proud to be the resident of United Arab Emirates as we are the first country in the world to institute two ministries to take care of Happiness and Artificial intelligence. Happiness is something which the world is getting deprived of because of lack of people to people communication.
It has reached such an unacceptable & deplorable level because the younger generation is screwed excessively to digital information and social media. Although the above medium are interesting and informative yet much human value & consideration are lost nowadays.
Excessive viewing through Laptops, IPads and Mobile phones are damaging the eyesight, neuro system, which of late, doctors and scientists have started to identify. For example; cataract of the eye are increasingly diagnosed for those categories of people mentioned above.
Therefore my advice to my beloved students is that you prefer a time management for each function such as spending time with parents and relatives, doing home works reading some materials for general knowledge and an hour also on internet materials. Occasionally time may also be given for research work of your choice and liking. Interest on matters of social service for the benefit of poor and the needy may also be kept as a program of your large routine.
The above qualifications may help to create an ideal student and youth.
With best and kind regards,
Dr. P. A. Ibrahim   
PACE Group