Library Facilities

a) Size of the Library in sq.feet : 25 X 18 sq.ft
b) No. Of periodicals : 2
c) No. of Dailies : 3
d) No. of Reference Books class wise   678
e) No. of Magazine   2
f) Others   8126
The school library has sufficient books and other study supporting materials like newspapers and general / educational / recreational magazines.
  • All the classes have a scheduled library period every week.
  • One book may be issued at a time for a period of seven days from the date of issue. A book may be issued further, if there is no further demand. For such renewal, the book must be produced.
  • The student who checks out the book is solely responsible for it. Students should not exchange library books amongst themselves.
  • A book due when you are absent should be returned on the first day you are back in school or try to have someone return it for you.
  • Good care of library material is to be taken. It is strictly forbidden to tear pages or write any remark in the book.
  • Any loss / damage of book or any other material in your possession should be reported to the Librarian immediately. The lost / damaged item has to be replaced or 1.5 times the cost of the item will be recovered.
  • If you are not checking out a book, make sure you put it back in its proper place on the shelf. When you are leaving the library, leave the place in order.
  • Items like Reference Books, Newspapers and Magazines are not for circulation. However, reference books such as encyclopedia, dictionaries and other books with a reference stamp can be checked out for overnight.
  • Students should maintain perfect silence inside the library. Refreshments are not allowed in the library.
  • Students must return the library books 15 days before the 2nd semester examination. Those who do not return the books will not be allowed to take the examination.